Experience a unique week with Dance Elevated where you will learn from top industry professionals, make new friends, and push yourself to your potential!


Accepting Boys & Girls Ages 10 – 18yo

July 29 – August 3, 2019


 Learn from the best in the industry without having to fight the crowds

→ With smaller classes you can receive more intimate training and personal attention

→ Make new friends and lasting bonds

 Get personal advice from top industry professionals on what made them successful

 Learn more about yourself, build self confidence, and learn to overcome your own personal set backs with our Sports Psychologist

 Learn in an atmosphere that is positive, uplifting, and inclusive

 Experience a unique week of intimate dance classes and activities


Chelsie Hightower

When I was finished with Dancing With the Stars and moved home I sat down one day and was overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing opportunities I’ve been able to have. I felt a desire to give back to the next generation, to teach them what I have learned through my careers and what helped me succeed and what gave me motivation on those hard days when I wanted to do anything but dance. I wanted to share what helped me reach those milestones that gave me motivation and momentum to achieve and reach higher. It was then that I came up with Dance Elevated.

I wanted an atmosphere that was not only about improvement and inspiration in dance but also in life because I believe if you can reach someone’s heart their dancing will improve. I wanted to create an atmosphere where everyone felt included, whether you were an advanced dancer or just beginning to learn, Dance Elevated would be a place where all dancers can feel confident and reach their potential.

My career has been tough and I’ve felt it all. I’ve gone through many highs and lows. My dreams came true and I felt what it feels like to be considered the best and “the most valued.” I’ve also dealt with shady Hollywood executives and failed with millions of people watching. I’ve felt left out of the “it” crowd with no one to call a “real” friend and pushed to the side. I’ve felt rejected and replaced. I’ve felt nothing but purpose and also purposeless. I’ve felt completely fulfilled and I’ve also felt empty. All of those times are the reasons why I wanted to start Dance Elevated. To create an atmosphere where people didn’t feel rejected, only loved, a place where they could be at their best and explore what their potential really is and a place where they could find their purpose in their dancing or in life. I wanted Dance Elevated to be a place where everyone is a friend.

You see, Dance Elevated is not just a camp but an experience. A week to make new friends, a week to push yourself out of your comfort zone, a week to feel inspired, a week to improve your dancing, a week to learn more about yourself and a week to feel loved.

I can’t wait to meet all you talented dancers!



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Registration Deadline: July 29th, 2019


“My daughter had an amazing experience and we truly feel grateful she was able to attend.
It was truly an experience I know she will treasure for years to come.
Thanks so much Dance Elevated!”

-Dance Elevated Mom

“Staying up late with friends and waking up early to do what I love to do all day with people I love was
honestly one of the best experiences ever. Thank you!!”

-Dance Elevated Student

“My daughter loved it. You spent time getting to know my daughter and it made her feel special,
and not just another dancer in the crowd. Thanks for being amazing with them and caring
about them on a personal level, not just a dancer level…
Was one of her best experiences!”

-Dance Elevated Mom