Jen Pendleton


Hi, I’m Jen Pendleton. The first thing to know about me is how much I love and am passionate about dance and people. These two things have been a forerunner in my career and led me to begin my professional career as a company member of Odyssey Dance Theatre, based in Salt Lake City, Ut. I was with Odyssey for 8 years, working with and performing work by Mia Michaels, Dee Caspary, Mandy Moore, Roni Koresch, Jason Parsons, Liz Imperio, Bonnie Story, Alex Magno, and Tony Powell to name a few.

With Odyssey, I performed throughout the US, and was a part of 6 European tours. I had opportunities to create and perform my own choreography in some of their shows. I traveled with Jason Parsons to Seoul, Korea to perform with various Korean dance companies, was a principle dancer in Justin Giles’ company, Soul Escape. I have had opportunities to do choreography for the company and assisted Justin Giles in his work on Fox’s TV show, ” So You Think You Can Dance.” I was a part of Legally Blonde II, High School Musical 3, ABC’s “Mistle Tones”, Hallmarks “Christmas Love” and worked with “The Ballet Boys” and Allison Holker as a member of the company on Ovation’s t.v. series “A Chance To Dance.”

I also teach at local dance studios, am a choreographer at Millennium Dance Complex in Salt Lake City, have taught at universities and traveled around the US to teach and choreograph. Loving creating and the creation process, I submitted and was accepted to the Reverdance choreography festival in New York City where I showed my work “Falling State”. Recently I am fortunate enough to have worked with Jermaine Spivey as I am guesting with SALT dance company in their upcoming spring show.