1) All classes will be held at the University of Utah School of Dance

2) Dancer’s must wear their DE camp t-shirts for the Saturday performance.

3) It is Dance Elevated policy that parents are not allowed to stay at the camp for an extended period of time other than to drop off or pick up their dancers. This will allow our dancers to get the most out of their experience with their instructors and classmates. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend the Saturday performance to see what their dancers have learned throughout the week.

4) Lunch is provided for call campers. Breakfast and dinner is provided for overnight campers.

5) Transportation to and from the U of U Dorms and evening activities will be provided for overnight campers only. If there are day campers coming to the overnight activities (in the past there have been about 10-20) they need to be picked up and dropped off to the activity by their parents.

6) Sheets, blankets, pillows and towels are provided in the dorms. Dancers don’t need to bring their own from home.

7) Dancers can request who they want to room with. Most rooms are two girls to a room, some have 3 depending on the dorms we get this year.

8) Only people from out of state can register the morning of camp. Everyone else MUST come Monday night sometime during the allotted registration time.

9) We strongly encourage all dancers to come to the Banquet Dinner/Dance party on Friday night, even if they are a day camper and haven’t attended the other overnight activities!

10) Camp packet and Liability waiver emailed out to the parents 2 weeks before camp.

11) Deadline is one month before camp starts to get a full refund.

12) Casual dress for Banquet Dinner/dance party on Friday night.

13) Schedule of each dancer’s classes will be given to them at registration Monday night.