Dance Elevated is a 4 day, 5-night experience where dancers come to learn from the best in the industry and go home inspired to not only be a better dancer but a better person as well Dancers come for a week to learn from the best, make new friends, explore their potential and have a blast while doing it!

Small Classes

Exclusive but always including one another we designed this camp to help give a personal, “homey” feel by keeping our classes smaller. Many conventions you go to with the same level of instruction your dancer is in the room with hundreds of other dancers. We want our dancers to feel like they can be noticed and given corrections to get the most out of this week and their dancing.


At Dance Elevated, it is important to us that each girl feel that they have someone to talk to if they are having a hard time. The counselors are also there to help them answer questions and direct campers where they need to go. They help bring the girls together, help the campers make new friends, and are there to be their substitute mom, should they need someone. That is why our counselors are one of the most important parts of our camp. They are fun, personal, responsible, and they help to make this experience wonderful and unique for our campers!


Lunch will be provided for everyone attending the day-camp, and all meals will be provided for those staying overnight.


Registration will be held Monday, July 29th, 2019 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. where participants will receive their camp tee-shirt and meet their counselors!


Day Camp fee will include a camp t-shirt made by our favorite brand, Sugar and Bruno!


It is important to us that we find instructors who are not only world renown and highly accomplished dancers and choreographers but who embody our culture. That is why we believe we choose the best of the best, because they are people to look up to in not just dance but also in life.

Sports Psychologist

Unlike any other camp or convention out there, our dancers will go through a program that will help them learn how to manage pressure, on stage and in life, build self-confidence, and how to overcome mental roadblocks. Our Sports Psychologist has worked with renowned athletes and Olympians as well as our very own Chelsie Hightower.


Dance Elevated 2018 will be held at the University of Utah School of Dance.

Dorms & Activities

We offer an overnight stay option which includes 5 nights at the University of Utah dorms, dinner and activities for anyone who should choose to stay, which we highly recommend. Dancers will arrive on Monday and will leave on Saturday after the performance. This option helps the dancers to build lasting bonds with each other, experience fun new activities outside of dance, and create lifelong memories shared between each other. It is also why this camp ends up feeling so unique, and what turns a week of dance into a full-on experience.

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